Water Distribution & Pump Station Construction Projects

Kent Mitchell Lakes Pump Station

Role: Prime Contractor
Owner: City of Brighton
Contract Amount: $1,117,720
Construction Dates: 11/08-8/09
Description: Construct two concrete cast-in-place wet well structures 30 feet below grade. Dewater site for construction of wet wells bringing groundwater table down 22 ft within 100 feet of the South Platte River. Install sheet piling in the river to allow for construction of a concrete inlet/outlet structure. Install submersible pumps in wet well structure and perform site road construction and maintenance.

Faversham Park Pump Station

Role: Sub-contractor
Owner: City of Westminster
Final Contract Amount: $1,057,399
Construction Dates: 7/08-1/09
Description: Installation of 1,800 LF of 12” water main in existing City streets. Construction of a VFD booster pump station enclosed in a 600 SF CMU masonry/ stick roof building with stone stucco and tin roof finish within Faversham Park.

Sproul Booster Pump Station

coming soon